Who We Are

We are a student-led platform which aims to inspire and empower Muslim female clinicians and students across the UK embarking on their surgical journey.

With Muslim Women in Surgery we want to equip them with the right information through mentorship, careers & research, surgical tutorials and networking opportunities.

we want to be the change that diversifies the surgical field.

Women in surgery are a small cohort and muslim women, even smaller. we want to be the change that diversifies the surgical field, leaving a legacy for muslim women in surgery

Our Aims:

  • We want to diversify the field to empower females from academic stages to enter this realm with the right information and guidance t’

  • Empower and reassure females that surgery is attainable and dispel any misconceptions and stigma that could lie around becoming surgeons

  • Educating muslim women on how to best prepare themselves before entering the surgical application process and building their portfolio

  • Inclusivity that people from all levels of faith are welcome to join, using Quran and sunnah we can inspire them to become better connected to Allah

  • Listen to what our sisters need and deliver them solutions to those problems

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